Masoud Noory

Masoud Noory is an expert S.M.P. technician with over 7 years experience and over 2000 procedures to his name. He is the founder of the Microcapillaire Clinic in Quebec, the most successful S.M.P. clinic in Canada.

In 2017, Masoud launched Microcapillaire Pigments , the #1 premium scalp micropigmentation line of products. It is sold internationally and is used by the majority of S.M.P. artists all over the world.

Jeff Villenas

Jeff Villenas is the CEO and founder of Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation and has been in the hair industry for more than 10 years. He is an Aveda Institute Beacon Winner (2013), hosted the first ever scalp micropigmentation training at Toni & Guy academy course, and is an internationally trained and award-winning scalp micropigmentation expert. Jeff started as a barber, launching the popular Chicago, IL barbershop franchise, Rockstar Fades.

Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation is in Chicago and Los Angeles. Jeff’s was sponsored by the FYT PROTEAM a team of elite scalp micropigmentation artists from across the world. Jeff has served thousands of clients, establishing his reputation as one of the most seasoned and skilled S.M.P. specialists in the Midwest region of the U.S.

PicassoJeff has won numerous international awards for SMP, is owner of Leaders academy, a scalp micropigmentation training academy, has been in the SMP game for 6 years plus.

Fabian Herrera

Fabian started out as a client himself and after receiving his treatment over 5 years ago, it completely changed is life. He founded Scalp Innovations in Miami, Fl and now as traveled to Canada to partner and open a new location with Micro Cappilire. Throughout his process, this It not only changed his own life but it made him come to realize that he wanted to bring this life changing treatment to as many other lives as he can. Due to the experiences before and after he’s procedure and is passion for the industry for the past 4+ years, it as enabled him to relate and come to a deeper understanding with he’s clients and walk them through this amazing process from start to finish. This for him is not only an art form but a chance to truly change another persons life.