Masoud Noory

Masoud Noory is an expert S.M.P. technician with over 7 years experience and over 2000 procedures to his name. He is the founder of the Microcapillaire Clinic in Quebec, the most successful S.M.P. clinic in Canada.

In 2017, Masoud launched Microcapillaire Pigments , the #1 premium scalp micropigmentation line of products. It is sold internationally and is used by the majority of S.M.P. artists all over the world.

Jeff Villenas

Jeff Villenas is the CEO and founder of Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation and has been in the hair industry for more than 10 years. He is an Aveda Institute Beacon Winner (2013), hosted the first ever scalp micropigmentation training at Toni & Guy academy course, and is an internationally trained and award-winning scalp micropigmentation expert. Jeff started as a barber, launching the popular Chicago, IL barbershop franchise, Rockstar Fades.

Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation is in Chicago and Los Angeles. Jeff’s was sponsored by the FYT PROTEAM a team of elite scalp micropigmentation artists from across the world. Jeff has served thousands of clients, establishing his reputation as one of the most seasoned and skilled S.M.P. specialists in the Midwest region of the U.S.

PicassoJeff has won numerous international awards for SMP, is owner of Leaders academy, a scalp micropigmentation training academy, has been in the SMP game for 6 years plus.

Clayton Rush

Clayton Rush is the owner of Ohio SMP Studio and
has been in the hair industry for over twenty-four years. It all started in 1998 when he opened his first barber shop. He continued to grow and now owns three successful barber shops, a salon and a scalp micropigmentation studio.
After receiving Scalp Micropigmentation himself he knew it was the next step he needed to take in his career. As a multi-award winning master barber he has seen every type of hairline, hair texture, hair color and hair thickness there is. This experience is what separates him from other artists. Knowing the struggles of hair loss himself he understands precisely what hair loss has taken from his clients. His passion and pride he takes in his work is undeniable. Aside from being a Master Trainer with Leaders Academy he is also sponsored by FYT Needles and a member of the FYT Pro Team, sponsored by Ghost Pigment and a member of the Ghost Unit Pro Team and in 2021 he received the RISING STAR Award at the first ever SMP EXPO in the United States, an international award he is extremely proud of!

Katie Hubert

Katie Hubert@microcapillaire.toronto She has an extensive background in teaching & coaching, both in cosmetics and sports, and has a passion for teaching others. After playing division 1 hockey, she coached young athletes for 3 years, expanding their knowledge and skill of the game. After graduating from Western University with a business degree, she learned her passion was in the cosmetics industry, giving others the opportunity to look & feel better about themselves. During this time, she taught both introductory & master classes in esthetics services like make up, eyelash extensions and eyebrow PMU. She excels in passing on her knowledge of SMP near Toronto with LEADERS SMP ACADEMY.

Kat Teu

Kat Teu@tieli With over 20 years of teaching experience in various fields, Kat is now one of the top trainers under the LDRSMP banner. His passion to communicate makes him an approachable teacher with an ability to breakdown details of the trade to anyone from any background to learn, grow, and become successful in the world of Scalp Micropigmentation.

Ivan Alvarado

Ivan Alvarado @ivan.smp Is Co-founder of Mili’s Beauty Studio with his wife in Austin, TX and Pro artist at Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation.

He has many years of working in sales, technical support, customer service and management for some fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, BestBuy, AT&T, T-Mobile and Apple. His journey in SMP has brought a new meaning of purpose in his life. Ivan is passionate about serving people as an SMP artist. Not only by changing lives of men and women alike through SMP, but within the industry itself. Ivan’s mastery in artistic composition and attention to detail perfectly translate to the challenge and precision of SMP work.

He hopes to bring more awareness about the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to the Hispanic community in the U.S and in Spanish speaking countries as well as to inspire and motive new SMP artists around the world.

Tony Abbagnato

Tony Abbagnato – @tony_abbagnato_smpCEO and Founder of @tricomedica_abbagnato and @pygmenta_ink in Italy, he is the eldest of the three brothers behind this brand . He underwent the SMP treatment back in 2013, For this reason, he is able to understand the psychological dynamics and any discomforts through which clients pass daily. What’s more, he has a long international career as a SMP artist and trainer.

Thousands of treatments in London and Italy , his career brought him in New York, Brazil and around Europe as well. In London, Tony Abbagnato refined his skills and improved his techniques, he also trained his younger brother Chris 24 yo since the young age of 17 and now his right arm in business together, they both have joined @fytsmpofficial team together with amazing stars. Tony’s dream is to live happy with his family by the sea, take his business to the highest levels and travel the world with it.

Chris Abbagnato

Chris Abbagnato –  @tricomedica_abbagnato 24 years old SMP artist and trainer from @tricomedica_abbagnato based in Italy, he is the youngest of three brothers behind this brand. Chris began to be fascinated by SMP since the young age of 17, already approaching at it as his brother @tony_abbagnato_smp was already in the business in London, as soon as he finished his studies, Chris joined Tony in the UK for a “Spartan” training with him in SMP, and there he realizes that this, would have been his path. In 2017 Chris makes his way back to Italy with Tony, this time to build their own business, later one with the project ACADEMY he discovers the passion of teaching, revealing himself to be a full skilled trainer. Alongside his brother, Chris A is now known around the globe for his style and dedication, together with Tony he has joined @fytsmpofficial , he’s for sure one of the youngest man in the SMP industry.